How Often Should You Have A Termite Inspection?

You were able to buy your house after it passed the termite inspection, and now you are reaping the benefits and building equity. But be careful; just because a home is termite-free does not mean termites will never appear. What is the suggested interval for termite inspections?

You can protect your home from severe damage, living space, and investment by scheduling routine termite inspections. We will cover below the significance of termite inspections, when to contact Escondido pest control, and how frequently to inspect your house.

Do you have to perform termite inspections in your home regularly?

Termite inspections can protect your property in various ways, including preventing a problem in its path and identifying and correcting a small problem before it escalates.

Regular house inspections allow homeowners and pest control professionals to take preventive action before the infestation of termites becomes out of control. Termites may be prevented from entering your home via the ground before they begin building a new colony with the help of specialized subterranean termite treatments, such as expert insect sprays and underground bait stations. Many of these treatments are safe for kids and pets, but they can quickly drive away or potentially eliminate a termite colony in your home.

When should you get a termite inspection?

Both insurance providers and pest control companies recommend scheduling an inspection once a year. Most homes can benefit from annual reviews that minimize termite infestations and damage. Still, older homes and those in high-risk, termite-rich areas might benefit from more regular inspections.

Ask your local expert pest treatment company whether your property is in a region with a high risk of termite damage if you are unsure. Most can provide information on your house’s climate and conditions, even without organizing an inspection.

As temperatures rise in the early spring, termite colonies typically grow, swarm, and move; thus, schedule routine year termite inspections for late spring or summer to find newcomers early.

What to expect in a termite inspection

Depending on the size and nature of your property, scheduled inspections require an average of 1 to 1.5 hours. A skilled and licensed inspector will describe the inspection’s results in depth.

The inspector will examine the inside and exterior of the house, including its sub-areas (basements, crawlspaces, etc.), patios, porches, and garages. The inspector will look for leaks in areas with a lot of moisture, areas with poor structural integrity, and indications of subterranean termites in each location.