Why Spiders in Round Rock Can Be a Problem for Homeowners 

Spiders are small creatures that a lot of people fear. Usually, such fear arises out of people’s concern that spiders can bite. Although there are thousands of spider species around the globe, only a few of them are dangerous. While this won’t be reassuring for people who have a serious fear of these pests, hiring a pest control service when facing a spider issue should reassure everyone. If there are spiders in your house, contact us today to eliminate them for good and know how to prevent future infestations. 

Common Spiders in Round Rock

Common species of spiders in Round Rock, Texas include the following:

  • American house spiders. These spiders have eight legs and an elongated body. Typically, they are yellowish-brown and have distinctive dark chevron markings. This type of spider constructs webs in room corners.
  • Wolf spiders. These big spiders have spiny legs and stocky bodies. Typically, they are gray, brown, or tan. They don’t build webs. Rather, they create ground burrows where they wait for prey. 
  • Black widow spiders. These spiders are venomous but not overly aggressive. They may just bite people out of fear.
  • Brown recluse spiders. These spiders are also venomous and can be identified by the violin-shaped markings on their body. While they are not aggressive, they may bite in self-defense. 
  • Jumping spiders. These brown, black, gray, or tan spiders have pale or white markings on the body and legs. They don’t spin webs to trap their prey. Instead, they hunt for their prey. 

Should You Be Worried About Spiders?

Venomous spiders are usually dangerous. For example, the bites of the brown recluse spider will lead to small blisters and swelling around it. Also, the bite may lead to fever, restlessness, and sleeping difficulty. Medical attention is encouraged to manage the symptoms. 

In addition, the black widow spider can give a dangerous bite. The venom of this species can compromise your nervous system. Symptoms of black widow spider bites include vomiting, fever, difficulty breathing, and stomach cramps. You must seek medical attention if you get bitten by this spider. 

Eliminating Spiders from Your Home

To remove spiders from your home, partner with a trusted pest control company. The company’s highly trained and experienced pest control technicians offer dependable and comprehensive pest control services to get rid of spiders and other household pests. Also, they can advise you on how to keep your home free of spiders.